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The New Hatchling
BED - Rhys Tivey
Rhys Tivey

BED - Rhys Tivey

See for songs and live shows. LYRICS: I prayed for a muse and got a rotten ghost. He tied my hands to my shoes, and made me sing the blues. I don't know if I've already set myself free. I feel so comfortable when I lie. Delusion must be a bed, and truth, a hard floor. And I don't know if I've ever stood on my feet before. I've been sleepin' too long, and now the sun is goin' down. I figured you were an obstacle to my precious work. I told you to leave, and that must have been when I went to sleep. Now my beard is ten feet long, and I've forgotten all my songs. I've been sleepin' all alone and now I wish you'd come back home. Come back home. ___ Directed by Clayton Haskell Produced by Rhys Tivey Written by Clayton Haskell and Rhys Tivey Choreographed by Coco Carol Talent: Riki Stevens, Coco Karol, Rhys Tivey Makeup / Wardrobe: Kayla Van Skyhawk Production Assistant: Ellery Russell Assistant Editor: Elena Toccafondi Camera Operator: Timur Civan Camera Assistant / Focus: Sebastian Beckmann Gaffer: Tank Rivara Key Grip: Gary Wilkins BBE: John Hudak Edited by Lauren Pray, Clay Haskell, Elena Toccafondi, and Jon Connor AUDIO CREDITS: Rhys Tivey: voice / trumpet / music / lyrics / production Julian Pollack: production / keys / guitar Mike Haldeman: guitar Dillon Treacy: drums Carter Lee: bass Kristine Kruta: cello Maggie Gould: violin Noel Brennan: percussion Riki Stevens: backup vocals Phil Weinrobe: mixing Matthew Agoglia: mastering All rights reserved. © 2016-2017 Rhys Tivey
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