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space ship

"Lauren and Nathanael’s Space Ship Adventure Show" is a project we started in Ottsjö, Sweden in 2017. The journey begins in a purely emotional place where no time or space exists. Each episode starts in this place, slowly beginning with an intention that forms the episode and we play with the idea that whatever we can imagine or think of can exist. Curious of this potential, we explore Planet Earth, via space ship, expressing the infinite amount of things there are to explore on this planet and in our imagination. The intention is to encourage us to appreciate Earth and all of its astonishing realities and extreme beauty.  

This show is whimsical and playful and is currently in a holding pattern since the Planet Of Music has the strongest gravitational pull on both Nathanael and myself. However, this show still has a strong place in both of us and will hopefully be fully realized at some point in time.

This is more of a kids show for adults, and an adult show for kids.

These are extremely rough draft episodes. I was contemplating whether or not I should share them at all because they are so incomplete. But I think it's more interesting to share them than to not. 

Space Ship Beginning Credit
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